Song of the Week #7 – Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)

Chuck Berry: 10/18/1926 – 3/18/2017.  If you have picked up a guitar since 1955, whether you are aware of it or not, you were influenced by this man.  When someone wants to know what rock & roll sounds like, just play this for them.  Part of rock & roll’s definition is Chuck Berry, and part of Chuck Berry‘s definition is rock & roll.  Music will miss you, Chuck.  Maybe in 100 years, you’ll be rolling over in your grave, digging some new sort of rhythm and blues the way Beethoven did. –Landman

Song of the Week #6 – Long Gone Lonesome Blues (Hank Williams)

This week’s song of the week is Long Gone Lonesome Blues by Hank Williams. My Dad who passed a way 5 years ago to this day was a big Hank Williams fan and used to sing and yodel this song. It’s what inspired me to learn to yodel after he passed away. So this one goes out you Dad. –Heatwave

Song of the Week #3 – Sing, Sing, Sing (Benny Goodman Orchestra)

So we’ve decided to listen to nothing but old swing and New Orleans jazz for a while to improve our feel and improvisational skills.  Here’s one of the swing genre’s best offerings.  Gene Krupa is one of my biggest influences and favorite drummers of all-time.  There are much longer versions of the song, but this is him at his best in a nice short & sweet version. –Landman

Song of the Week #2: Howlin’ Wolf – Howlin’ For My Baby

Some of you may know that Landman and I first started playing music together way back in 2007. Then in early 2008, Landman had the idea to really dig into our influences’ influences and we went on a musical journey of exploration into early blues, folk, country and rock & roll. One of the first discoveries that really knocked me off my feet was Howlin’ Wolf. So in celebration of Valentine’s Day this week, here’s a little love song, Howlin’ Wolf style. –Heatwave

Song of the Week #1: The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

Welcome as we introduce a new series, Song of the Week! We’ll post a song each week that inspires, influences, or moves us in some way so that you may see what makes Heatwave & Landman tick!  Here’s Landman to start us off:

In memory of Carl Wilson, who died on 2/6/98, here’s one of the greatest pop love songs of all-time, with his wonderful lead vocal. He also sang lead on Good Vibrations, a song that changed the future of pop music forever. The Beach Boys have a major influence on us, and they will always be a treasured part of American music. — Mark “Landman” Larson