Song of the Week #18 – Moanin’ at Midnight (Howlin’ Wolf)

Howlin’ Wolf’s birthday is Saturday and there’s probably nobody out there I’m more influenced by so we’ve got to honor him with our song of the week. Moanin’ at Midnight is easily my favorite Howlin’ Wolf song and one of my favorite songs period. It’s just a dirty, gritty one-chord vamp and I love it. -Heatwave

Song of the Week #9 – Still a Fool (Muddy Waters)

Happy birthday <a href=””>Muddy Waters</a>! April Fool’s Day just passed and no joke, here’s one of my favorite  tunes of his, Still a Fool. This song was recorded way back in 1951 and is one of many blues songs based musically off Catfish Blues originally recorded by <a href=””>Robert Petway</a> ten years earlier. Landman hipped me to this song years ago, before I really dug into Muddy’s earlier catalog. From that point, I found that I had a much greater appreciation for Muddy’s late 40’s and early 50’s stuff than his later, better known catalog. –Heatwave