Song of the Week #18 – Moanin’ at Midnight (Howlin’ Wolf)

Howlin’ Wolf’s birthday is Saturday and there’s probably nobody out there I’m more influenced by so we’ve got to honor him with our song of the week. Moanin’ at Midnight is easily my favorite Howlin’ Wolf song and one of my favorite songs period. It’s just a dirty, gritty one-chord vamp and I love it. -Heatwave

Song of the Week #2: Howlin’ Wolf – Howlin’ For My Baby

Some of you may know that Landman and I first started playing music together way back in 2007. Then in early 2008, Landman had the idea to really dig into our influences’ influences and we went on a musical journey of exploration into early blues, folk, country and rock & roll. One of the first discoveries that really knocked me off my feet was Howlin’ Wolf. So in celebration of Valentine’s Day this week, here’s a little love song, Howlin’ Wolf style. –Heatwave